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Photo Disclaimer

To Persons Submitting Photos/Images


The Dennis P. McHugh Library Foundation allows visitors to share their photographs and images of local interest. It is not a competition. It is simply a chance to share some of your favorite spots and good times with others who may have the same interest.
The Dennis P. McHugh Library Foundation will select and post photographs at their own discretion. Understand that we will not post all photographs that are submitted but we will review every image that is submitted.

If people appear in your photo, you, as the photographer, must have sufficient permission of any recognizable figure, model or person or persons' appearing in the photograph to be able to submit the photograph to the
The Dennis P. McHugh Library Foundation Gallery and to be able to release the publishing rights of the photograph.

Please understand that by submitting your photograph, you will release publishing rights of the image to The Dennis P. McHugh Library Foundation.
The Dennis P. McHugh Library Foundation claims all rights to the usage of your photograph on printed and digital material.

Important: By submitting your photograph to
The Dennis P. McHugh Library Foundation,  you agree to all of the terms written above.

Thank you.

 The Dennis P. McHugh Library Foundation will not be held responsible for photos submitted without the relevant permission.

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